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Outdoor boxing class with a group at fitness retreat in Mandalong

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to be really fit to join an Escape?
    No, not at all. Our Weekend Escapes cater to all fitness abilities and with a broad range of classes. All classes/activities are optional and so you simply do what you feel comfortable with and PT Tanya will be there to encourage you every step of the way. Classes include: Tai Chi, Stretch, Boxing, Circuit and Core Conditioning, plus local activities in the area e.g. hiking, kayaking. With a maximum of 10-14 people, it means you will receive the personal attention you need in every class and confidence that you are performing the exercises properly. It's the perfect place to get you started on your fitness journey.
  • Are Delzo Active Escapes for me?
    If you have an interest in looking after your health and wellbeing, experiencing new places, enjoying delicious food, immersing yourself within nature, trying new things, taking time to recharge, rethink and restore balance, moving your body, meeting like minded people and having a good belly laugh... then we guarantee you'll love it!
  • What is the food like over the weekend?
    We promise, you will love the food catered by our personal chef all weekend. Our chefs pick the freshest and most nourishing dishes to keep you well fed. Everything is prepared daily and we offer a range of meals including salads, lean meats, vegetables and fruit, we have all your healthy food groups covered. Vegetarians, vegans and all dietary requests are also catered for.
  • Can I travel alone to a Weekend Escape?
    You totally can! Travelling alone, can be the perfect way to truly retreat and capture the true essence of a weekend escape. We've had many people form friendships and it's super special connecting with like minded souls in beautiful locations. Essentially our weekend escapes are all about connection. In saying that, it's also a wonderful chance for you to connect with friends/partners/family members if you travel together. We will make sure you are well looked after whether you choose a solo escape or the company of others.
  • Can I bring alcohol?
    Yes. We like to look at our Escapes as a lifestyle retreat and we know most people like to enjoy their downtime with a glass of wine at the end of the day, so we are more than happy for you to bring alcohol with you.
  • What is the age range?
    The majority of our guests are aged between 40 and 65, but age is just a number and provided you are reasonably fit and healthy you will fit right in, no matter what age. Minimum age is 18 at our Escapes.
  • Do I have to share a room and bathroom?
    All the properties we stay at have very different set ups. Most of the properties we rent have a mixture of twin and queen rooms, we do try to get as many twin rooms as we can. We allocate the rooms depending on a first in first served basis and also based on gender. You have the option to book with a friend/partner and request the same room or some locations have the option to pay the single supplement price, which ensures you have a room to yourself. Bathroom access is different at each property as well, some with ensuites and some with shared bathrooms.
  • Do I have to do everything on the itinerary?
    The great thing about our weekend escapes, are all the options we have for you. You can do whatever you like, with all of our fitness sessions and activities being optional. Some guests come along to mostly relax and connect with others and others come to do all the activities. Pick and choose what works best for you.
  • Are these for men and women?
    Yes. Our weekend escapes are for everyone! Sometimes throughout the year we hold speciality escapes, for women only, but mostly we like to open our weekends up to all individuals.
  • What if I book and then need to cancel?
    Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

For any other questions please don’t hesitate to email us.

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